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BLOG ON SHALIGRAM/SHALAIGRAM According to Hindu culture there are 3 main creatures of this earth, we know them as- BRAHMMA, VISHNU AND MAHESH.

Lord Vishnu is one of the most lovable gods of Hinduism. Lord Vishnu has 24 incarnations. In Mahabharata Lord Vishnu was in the incarnation of Krishna and narrated the holy GEETA to Arjun. 
There is one more name of lord Vishnu which is not as famous as the others and that name is- SHALIGRAM.

Shaligram is a type of stone which is used to worship  lord Vishnu. Just like Shivling.
Shaligram is also related to shalgram village which is located in Nepal on the banks of gandakki river. According to the hindu scripters we should worship this stone.
Every hindu follower knows about Shivling but few knows about this Vishnu stone(shaligram). 
In India,  you can see Shivling in every temple but there is only one temple of shaligram in this world and that is situated in Nepal

Just like Shivling, Shaligram is also hard to find. Most Shaligrams are found in the Muktinath area of Nepal, on the banks of Gandakki river. 
There are more than 30 types of Shaligram and out of them 24 are related to lord vishnu’s 24 incarnations.

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  • Vishnu stone. Nice artical bhai.
    Beautifully penned..
    Good information about religious stones and culture.

    Hitankit joshi on

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