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Know about Our Founder

Mr. Prakash Chand Agarwal: A Legacy Built on Rudraksha and Natural Gemstones

For over 40 years, Mr. Prakash Chand Agarwal's passion for Rudraksha and natural gemstones has not wavered. At the age of 65, he remains a pillar of our company, leading us with his unwavering dedication, keen eye for quality, and deep understanding of these natural treasures.

Mr. Agarwal's journey began in his early twenties. He was captivated by the beauty and spiritual significance of Rudraksha, witnessing firsthand its powerful impact on his own life. Driven by this passion, he began sourcing the finest Rudraksha beads directly from Nepal, forging relationships with local communities and building a strong network of trusted suppliers.

His commitment to quality and ethical sourcing became the cornerstone of his business. He traveled extensively through Nepal's rugged terrain, immersing himself in the traditional methods of Rudraksha harvesting and selection. He learned to discern the subtle nuances of each bead, ensuring only the highest grade Rudraksha reached his customers.

Mr. Agarwal's expertise soon extended to natural gemstones. He recognized their diverse healing properties and unique energies, further enriching his offerings. With his keen eye and meticulous selection process, he established a reputation for providing only the finest quality gemstones, sourced responsibly from ethical mines and artisans.

Throughout his career, Mr. Agarwal has built strong relationships with the people of Nepal. He believes in fair trade practices and sustainable sourcing, ensuring that the communities benefit from his business ventures. This commitment has not only guaranteed a consistent supply of high-quality Rudraksha and gemstones but also fostered a sense of trust and mutual respect that continues to this day.

Today, Mr. Agarwal continues to be the driving force behind our company. He inspires his team with his unwavering passion, vast knowledge, and unwavering commitment to quality. He remains actively involved in the sourcing process, ensuring that every Rudraksha and gemstone we offer reflects his meticulous standards and unwavering dedication.

Mr. Agarwal's legacy is not just about building a successful business; it is about preserving ancient traditions, honoring cultural heritage, and sharing the transformative power of Rudraksha and natural gemstones with the world. He is a true inspiration to all who seek to walk the path of well-being and spiritual growth.

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