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7 Chakra Healing Bracelet

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1.  Amethyst Stone
2.  Lapis Lazuli Stone
3.  Blue Turquoises Stone
4.  Green Aventurine Stone
5.  Amber
6.  Tiger Eye Stone
7.  Onyx Stone
8.  5 Mukhi Rudraksha beads

Material Used : Elastic


A 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet is a powerful tool adorned with seven gemstones, each corresponding to a specific chakra in the human body. These bracelets are believed to balance and align these energy centers, leading to improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Who can wear a 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet?

Anyone can wear a 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet! They are particularly beneficial for:

    • Individuals seeking spiritual growth and balance.
    • Those facing challenges or blockages in their lives.
    • People desiring improved health, focus, and creativity.
    • Anyone open to the potential healing properties of gemstones and energy work.

How to wear a 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet:

    • Wrist: Traditionally worn on the dominant wrist (the one you write with) where it's believed to be more receptive to energy.
    • Fit: Comfortable but not too loose.
    • Intention: Wear with a positive intention, focusing on the desired benefits you wish to achieve.

Benefits of wearing a 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet:

    • Balanced Chakras: Each gemstone's energy aligns with its corresponding chakra, promoting harmony and flow throughout the body's energy system.
    • Improved Physical Health: May alleviate physical ailments associated with blocked chakras, such as headaches, digestive issues, or fatigue.
    • Enhanced Mental and Emotional Well-being: Promotes mental clarity, focus, and emotional stability, potentially reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Spiritual Growth: The bracelet serves as a constant reminder of your spiritual journey and can deepen your connection to your higher self.

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