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Spahtik Kamal Shreeyantra (370 Gms)

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Material:- Sphatij

Weight :- 370

Height:- 4' inches

ABOUT: The Sphatik Kamal Shree Yantra combines the intricate geometry of the Shree Yantra with the powerful energies of crystals, creating a unique tool for attracting prosperity, abundance, and spiritual growth.


    • Puja altar: Offer prayers and connect with its divine energy.
    • Northeast corner: Enhances positive energy and well-being.
    • Specific areas: Align with your intention:
        • Southwest Corner: Strengthen relationships.
        • Southeast corner: Support career goals.
        • North Corner: Enhance knowledge and wisdom.


    • Cleanse the Yantra with water, incense, or sunlight.
    • Charge it with your intentions by holding it and visualizing your desires.
    • Chant Lakshmi mantras or affirmations to energize it.


    • Enhanced Abundance and Prosperity: The combined power of Shree Yantra and prosperity-associated crystals.
    • Spiritual Growth and Transformation: The lotus symbol and clear quartz amplification can support your spiritual journey.
    • Love and Compassion: Rose quartz can foster self-love and attract loving relationships.

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