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Pooja Chirmi Beads (63 pieces) - himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

Pooja Chirmi Beads (63 pieces)

himalaya rudraksh anusandhan kendra

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Order includes:

  • 21 pieces of red chirmi beads
  • 21 pieces of white chirmi beads
  • 21 pieces of black chirmi beads


    • Colors: Each color represents a specific deity and energy:
        • Red: Associated with Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing prosperity, good luck, and wealth.
        • White: Represents Goddess Saraswati, embodying knowledge, wisdom, and creativity.
        • Black: Connected to Goddess Kali, signifying protection, warding off negativity, and overcoming challenges.
  • Overall: Often used in rituals and prayers for blessings, attracting positive energy, and achieving specific goals.


    • Puja altar: Offered to deities during prayers and rituals.
    • Specific areas: Based on your intention:
        • Northeast corner: Attracts positive energy and promotes well-being.
        • Entrance: Welcomes positive energy and protects against negativity.
        • Southwest corner: Enhances relationships and love life.
        • Southeast corner: Supports career goals and financial abundance.
        • North corner: Enhances knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual growth.
    • Carrying them: Kept in a pouch or pocket for personal protection and blessings.

Potential Uses:

    • Meditation: Holding or focusing on them while meditating can enhance your practice.
    • Mantra chanting: String them into a mala and use them for reciting mantras dedicated to specific deities.
    • Energizing spaces: Place them in different areas of your home or workspace to attract positive energy.
    • Offerings: Used as offerings during puja ceremonies for blessings and specific intentions.
  • Lucky charms: Carried for personal protection and attracting good fortune.

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