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Know About Lab Certification

 Assured Authenticity with HRG Certification

At Himalaya Rudraksha Anusandhan Kendra, we are committed to providing our customers with genuine and authentic Rudraksha, gemstones, and other religious products. We achieve this through our rigorous HRG (Himalaya Rudraksh & Gems Testing Lab) Certification System, which ensures that every product meets the highest international standards for gem and jewelry certification.

What is HRG Certification?

HRG Certification is a comprehensive testing system conducted by our team of specialized gemmologists trained at renowned institutions. They possess extensive knowledge and experience in identifying and verifying the authenticity of Rudraksha and gemstones.

The HRG Certification process involves:

    • Gemstone Identification: Using advanced techniques, our gemmologists analyze the physical and optical properties of each gemstone to determine its type, origin, and treatment.
    • Rudraksha Verification: Our experts employ a multi-pronged approach, including visual inspection, and infrared spectroscopy, to verify the authenticity and mukhi count of each Rudraksha bead.
    • Quality Assessment: We evaluate the cut, clarity, color, and other quality factors of each gemstone and Rudraksha bead to ensure they meet our stringent standards.
    • Issuance of Certificate: Upon successful completion of the testing process, a detailed certificate is issued, guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of the product.

Benefits of HRG Certification:

    • Peace of Mind: You can be confident that your Rudraksha and gemstones are genuine and authentic.
    • Enhanced Value: HRG certification adds value to your purchase and protects your investment.
    • Transparency and Trust: We are committed to transparency and provide detailed information about our testing process and results.

Check Your Product's Authenticity:

We encourage you to verify the authenticity of your Rudraksha and gemstones by checking for the HRG Certification logo and number. You can also access the detailed certification report online using the unique identifier provided on the certificate.

By choosing products with HRG Certification, you are assured of receiving genuine and authentic Rudraksha and gemstones. We are dedicated to serving our customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service.