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Pearl (Moti) मोती is a unique, white to a bluish-grey colored, valuable gemstone that originated inside the shell of a living organism called Mollusc such as Pearl oyster and mussel. This gemstone holds strong importance in Vedic astrology and is worn to pacify the planet Moon in the wearer birth chart. Pearl  (Moti) is a suggested birthstone for those born in June.

Color    White

Metal   Silver

Finger  The little finger of the working hand.

Day & Time        Monday, early morning between 5-7 am.

Mantras 'Om Son Sonmay Namaha’, ॐ सों सोमाय नमः । (108 times)

Birthstone to Zodiac Sign Cancer (कर्क) ,

Pearl  (Moti) मोती gem holds a strong reputation for its high aesthetics, spiritual properties, and healing capacities. This gemstone is featured in the ancient manuscripts of India, Rome, China, and Egypt. Pearl is a symbol of status and culture completely over the eras. Considered as ‘The Queen of Gems’ – Pearl (Moti) is addressed by various names in various countries and religions such as Tarak Ratna or Chandra Ratna , Mukta in Sanskrit and Margarita stone in Latin.

Sustains Anger Management-Moon rules emotions. Pearl (Moti) is often recommended to people who find difficulty in managing their temper. Wearing Pearl (Moti) helps such people to stay calm, relaxed, and confident.

Brings Clarity in Thoughts

It is believed that wearing pearl (Moti) gemstone benefits people in the professions where deep concentration, high confidence, and better self-expression are highly required. 

Increases Maternal Relationship – Moon is linked with the mother or the nurturer in Vedic astrology. Wearing Pearl(Moti) benefits the health of the native’s mother and encourages their mutual bonding.

For Healthy Eyes, Skin & Heart –Wearing a Pearl (Moti) मोती benefits the inherent to get relief from water-borne diseases. It is believed that the positive strengths of Pearl (Moti) मोती stimulate the water balance in the body and thereby helps the wearer to gain clean youthful skin, bright eyes, and a robust circulatory system.


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