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Amethyst is a violet-colored, valuable gemstone of the Quartz mineral family. Replacement of Blue Sapphire is worn to overcome monetary stress, professional anxiety, and harmful obsessions.

Color    Bright purple

Metal   Silver.

Finger  Middle finger of the working hand

Day & Time Saturday, after sunset 

Mantras Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah. ऊँ शं शनैश्चराय नमः| (108 times)

Birthstone to Zodiac Sign-Pisces (मीन )

Amethyst is recommended for its strength to calm nervous and distracting thoughts and thus is extremely useful in increasing energy.

Heals Addictive DriftsAmethyst has been extensively utilized for treating self-destructive and addictive tendencies. People addicted to smoking, drinking and drugs definitely rely on this gemstone for ending those addictions.

Recovers Lost Fortunes & Relationships-Amethyst can overcome amazing possibilities, thereby improving the wearer to develop object-oriented and economic support as well as improvement in weak or broken bonds.

Tranquilizes Anxious Minds-Amethyst can relieve limited, weak, and afraid minds and therefore is deeply useful in healing restlessness, anxiety, anxiety also depression. Amethyst achieves almost every other gemstone when it comes to developing mental focus, concentration, and meditative powers.

Relieves Mental Blockages– Amethyst can open foul or blocked thoughts, paving pathways for original and relevant answers to start. For this reason, students, researchers, and scholars, usually recommend amethyst for achievement.

Improves Hair, Teeth & Bone Health-Detoxification and cellular recovery are widely recognized Amethyst’s healing profits in alternative medication. It is also worn to heal Arthritis, Bone- Cancer, and Paralysis.

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