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Rudraksha Crystal Ball

himalaya rudraksh anusandhan kendra

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 It includes:

  • Rudraksha beads
  • healing crystals
  • copper wire

Weight: 170 gm

ABOUT: The Rudraksha Crystal Ball combines the sacred Rudraksha bead with the amplifying properties of a crystal ball, creating a tool with potential spiritual and healing benefits.


    • Puja altar: Offer prayers and connect with its divine energy.
    • Meditation space: Enhance focus and intention during meditation.
    • Living room or workspace: Create a positive and harmonious atmosphere.
  • Bedroom: Promote peaceful sleep and protection.


    • Spiritual growth and development.
    • Enhanced meditation and prayer practices.
    • Protection from negativity and harmful energies.
    • Stress reduction and emotional balance.
    • Improved focus and clarity.

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