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LAKSHMI COWRIE/KAUWDI OR MONEY COWRIE/KAUWDIOur culture is a mixture of so many cultures, there are more than a million gods and every god has its own significance. For example- in ancient time when fire came into existence, it was a golden era for the humans of that time because now they could make food. They could warm themselves. Things were becoming easy. So by showing some respect towards fire they started worshiping it as AGNI DEV. When they came to know about the importance of  Air (Pawan), they started worshiping it as PAWAN DEV. 
The same thing happened with the money. We worship goddess Lakshmi for wealth. In hindu religion, Goddess Lakshmi is known as “Dhan ki Devi”. She is the wife of lord Vishnu. 

For worshiping goddess Lakshmi we use money cowrie. Basically it is a kind of snail which is found in sea.  As the name suggest money cowrie, we use this animal for worshiping goddess Lakshmi to make our life wealthy.

Money cowrie is also knows as – कौड़ी. 
Money cowrie is found widely in Indo-Pacific tropical waters. It is also found in Red sea, Maldives, central America, japan and lord howe island.

The cowrie is also used in divination rituals in some African animist religions. In kerala, special money cowrie shells are used for divination. They call it kavidi.  Money cowrie is just like a stone which is used for worshiping.

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