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Natural Coral-Moonga-मूंगा

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Red Coral (Moonga) is a valuable, bright red natural gemstone composed in the deep sea by marine creatures. Assure achievement in leadership roles, sports, business, and health.

Color  Red to Orange Red.

Metal   Silver and gold are ideal. Alternatively, you can use panchdhaatu, platinum, or white gold.

Finger  Ring finger of the working hand.

Day & Time  Tuesday morning in the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon)

Mantras  "Om Ang Angarkay Namha", ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः| (108 times)

Birthstone to Zodiac Sign Aries (मेष), Scorpio (वॄश्चिक )

 Red Coral is known as Moonga, Marjaan, Sinduja, Maheya, Vidrum, Praval Ratna, Musaragalva, Latamani, Mangalmani. Wearing Moonga can help the wearer awake out of the hard phase of Mangal Dasha, more smoothly and maturely.

Give Progress in Team Management, Administrative, Leadership Roles– Associated with aggressive planet Mars, red coral stone benefits the wearer by improving his team improvising professions. Also Known to inculcate confidence, energy, and focus, it is extremely recommended for people working in the Army, Police, Sports, or other professions where a great give-and-take of physical and subjective stamina is required.

 Mars named as the ‘Bhoomi Karaka’ ruling land and property. Thus, Moonga benefits people working in trades like real estate, interior design, mining, oil exploration, and physical asset administration industries.

 The Health benefits of red coral exceed almost every other gemstone because of its ability to restore digestive, circulatory, and mental health. Moonga gemstone boosts the immunity and mental concentration of the wearer.

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  • I want a natural red coral(moonga) of about 11-13 ratti gemstone of lakshmi shape…. May I know the price range from high to low…

    Shankar on
  • Am scorpio and want to know how much rati should i wear for my birth stone

    Anonymous on
  • I am interested to purchase the Red coral stone from Himalayan store

    please guide me, i have few queries

    gurubrahma on

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