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Buy real pearl or motiPearl is one of the most famous jewels in Hindu and Buddhist culture. It is composed of calcium carbonate. It is a hard glistening object produced within a soft tissue!
According to history and myths pearl are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience and according to vedas they are well known for their calming effect.
Pearls are found inside the Mollusca animal,There are more than 85000 species of this animal.

Pearl is known as MUKTA in Sanskrit language. Some believes that Lord Vishnu wears this gem on his chest.
Pearl is one among 9 gems. There are many types of pearl but the most expensive pearl is found in wild which is extremely rare.

Types -
There are 4 main types of pearl.
1- Salt water pearl
2-Fresh water pearl
3-Cultured pearl
4-South sea shell pearl

The most expensive color of pearl is pink. It is highly prized especially in USA. White south sea pearl is third most popular type of pearl and most expensive.
Hindu scripture says that India one place where lord Krishna discovered first pearl. In Ramayana they described a necklace which was made up of 27 pearls. In India pearls are found in south pacific and Indian Ocean.

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