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Do Mukhi Rudraksha

The most spiritual and ideal kind of combination is represented by the natural Do Mukhi Rudraksha, "2 Mukhi Rudraksha", "2 Face Rudraksha". It signifies ‘Ardhanareeshwara’ which is the unity of Lord Shiva and Maa ParvatiArdhanareeshwara tries to solve the inconsistency of opposites into a unity, not via refusal, but through positive "pure" experiences of life. This unity of opposites produces the true rhythm of life. The Do Mukhi Rudraksha, "2 Mukhi Rudraksha", "2 Face Rudraksha" beads are the representation of the union of mind and Soul signified by Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati or the Shivalinga. The wearer of Do Mukhi Rudraksha "2 Mukhi Rudraksha" is blessed with prosperitycomfort and emotional pleasure, and achievement of ambitions. It also favors peace, provides passionate endurance in all relations, and implements positive remedial powers to intelligence and sentiments. Do Mukhi Rudraksha"दो मुखी रुद्राक्ष" should be worn by those who want to intensify their connection with the individual and others. It also removes self-doubt and magnifies self-esteem.

Do Mukhi Rudraksha "2 Mukhi Rudraksha" Mantra

"Om Namah"

" नमः"

"Om Namah Shivaya"

" नमः शिवाय "

"Do Mukhi Rudraksha" ruling Planet

"Do Mukhi Rudraksha" comes under Chandra Dev's planet"Moon" commands, which encourages the wearer to achieve emotional endurancepossessions, and comfort.

Importance of Do Mukhi Rudraksha"2 Mukhi rudraksha"

  • It signifies affection and union.
  • It Provides balance in all relationship
  • It converts one personality and vision in a confident tone
  • It Allows emotional stability.
  • It eliminates the maleficent elements "negativity" of planet Moon

 Do Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

Wearing Do Mukhi Rudraksha, "2 Mukhi Rudraksha", "2 Face Rudraksha" generates perceptions of harmony and unity in one relationship among life partnersteacher-studentfriendsco-workersparent-child. Do Mukhi Rudraksha is very proper for couples planning for a child.

  • You must wear the Do Mukhi Rudraksha if you are searching for the perfect life partner.
  • Furnishes internal satisfaction, unity, and fulfillment
  • Provides healing power to mind and emotions.
  • Improves creativity in your work
  • The benefit of Do Mukhi Rudraksha on Health
  • The wearer of the Do Mukhi Rudraksha accepts relief in kidney and intestine-related conditions.
  • Do Mukhi-Rudraksha gives mental rest and steadiness thoughts by supplying support to concepts and upholding passions.
  • Do Mukhi Rudraksha "Therapeutic", "remedial", "चिकित्सीय" Benefits
  • Heals diseases related to the kidney and intestine.
  • Heals Sexual diseases and sterility.
  • Energizes your mind and body.

How to wear Original Do Mukhi Rudraksha

The most reliable method to wear this auspicious bead is to wear it in a woolen or silk thread or arrange it capped in silver or gold.You can wear this Do Mukhi Rudraksha "दो मुखी रुद्राक्ष" bead attached in a wristlet or as a necklace.Moon commands the Do Mukhi Rudraksha and it is recommended to wear these propitious spiritual beads on Monday.Get up early on a Monday morning, take a bath and wear tidy and bright garments. Now sit at a tidy place with a focused soul chant the Mantra either "Om Namah", " नमः", or "Om Namah Shivaya", " नमः शिवाय "108 times and wear the "Do Mukhi Rudraksha".


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