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Vaijyanti Mala In Silver

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Vaijyanti Mala with Silver capping 

Bead Size: 7 mm

Metal Material: Pure Silver

Beads Colour: Greyish

No of Beads: 54+1

Certification: Vaijyanti Mala will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII, Gemologist.


A Vaijanti mala in silver capping can be worn by anyone, regardless of age, gender, or religion. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking:

    • Success and prosperity: The mala is associated with Lord Vishnu and Krishna, who are known for their victories and achievements. Wearing it is believed to attract good luck and success in all endeavors.
    • Spiritual growth: The mala is said to have a calming and grounding effect, which can aid in meditation and spiritual practices.
    • Protection from negative energies: The silver capping is believed to ward off negative energies and protect the wearer from harm.

Puja vidhi for wearing it:

Before wearing a Vaijanti mala, it is recommended to perform a simple puja to purify and energize it. Here's a basic procedure:

    1. Cleanse the mala with water or milk.
    2. Offer flowers and sandalwood paste to the mala.
    3. Chant your preferred mantra or the mantra "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" 108 times.
    4. Wear the mala around your neck or wrist.

Benefits of wearing a Vaijanti mala:

There are many benefits associated with wearing a Vaijanti mala, including:

    • Increased focus and concentration
    • Improved mental clarity and memory
    • Reduced stress and anxiety
    • Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Stronger intuition and spiritual connection
    • Improved relationships with others
    • Protection from negative energies
    • Attracting good luck and prosperity

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