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Sunstone Hanumanji

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Height: 7.5 inches (Apx.)

Weight: 2000 gms (Apx.)

ABOUT: Sunstone Hanumanji can be worshipped for attaining, power, dominance, and prosperity and removing all sins of life. The worshipping of the lord Hanumanji statue has many benefits in the lives of devotees. 


Generally auspicious locations:


    • Northeast corner: Attracts success, growth, and overcomes obstacles.


    • East: Enhances knowledge, wisdom, and academic pursuits.


    • South: Promotes fame, recognition, and leadership qualities.


    • Living room: Spreads positive energy and blessings for the family.


    • Study/workspace: Encourages focus, perseverance, and overcoming challenges.



Combined benefits of Hanuman and Sunstone:


    • Courage and strength: Hanuman's bravery and Sunstone's energizing properties combine to boost your courage and inner strength.


    • Success and prosperity: Hanuman's blessings and Sunstone's association with abundance can support your success in various endeavors.


    • Confidence and motivation: Sunstone's energy can boost your confidence and motivate you to achieve your goals.


    • Wisdom and knowledge: Hanuman's association with wisdom and Sunstone's connection to clarity can enhance your learning and knowledge.

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