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Howlite Couple Bracelet

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Material Used: Elastic bands

Bead Size: 7.5 mm (approx.)

Color: Black & white color

No. Of Bracelet: 2 pcs.

Certification: The Product will come with the HRG Lab Certification of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.


Howlite couple bracelets are beautiful and meaningful jewelry pieces, often adorned with white Howlite beads representing calmness and balance.

Who can wear it?

Anyone can wear a Howlite couple bracelet! They're not limited by age, gender, or relationship status. Here are some specific groups who might particularly appreciate them:

    • Couples seeking to strengthen their bond: The matching bracelets symbolize connection, unity, and shared goals.
    • Individuals aiming for more peace and harmony in their lives: Howlite's calming energy can be beneficial for both individuals and couples.
    • People interested in crystal healing: Howlite is believed to balance emotions, reduce stress, and promote communication, all potential benefits for couples.
    • Those who simply enjoy the aesthetic appeal: Howlite's white color and smooth texture make for elegant and versatile jewelry.

How to wear it:

There are no strict rules about how to wear Howlite couple bracelets. Here are some ideas:

    • On the dominant wrist: Traditionally worn on the wrist you write with for optimal energy absorption.
    • Touching the skin: Ideally, the Howlite beads should touch your skin for maximum benefit.
    • Comfortable fit: Ensure the bracelet fits comfortably but isn't too loose.
    • Matching or complementary designs: Couples can choose matching bracelets or opt for complementary designs with similar or contrasting colors and beads.


    • Strengthened bond and communication: The bracelets may act as a reminder of your connection and encourage open communication within the relationship.
    • Enhanced peace and harmony: Howlite's calming energy can help mitigate stress and conflict, fostering a more peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
    • Emotional balance and stability: The stone is believed to balance emotions, promoting stability and preventing emotional rollercoasters in the relationship.
    • Support for communication and understanding: Howlite's association with clear communication may help couples express themselves more effectively and understand each other better.
  • Aesthetic appeal and connection: Matching or complementary bracelets can be a beautiful symbol of your commitment and shared journey.

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