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Sphatik Kantha - 18 mm (apx.)

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Sphatik Kantha - 18 mm  (apx.)

No. Of Beads: 32+1

Total Weight: 300 gm (approx.)

Round Kantha Length: 13 inches (approx.) 

Beads Size: 18 mm (approx.)

Shape: Diamond Cut

Certification:  Sphatik Kantha - 18 mm  (approx.) will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who can wear an 18mm Sphatik Kantha?

People of all genders, ages, and backgrounds can wear an 18mm Sphatik Kantha. The larger size caters to those who:

    • Prefer a bolder, statement piece: The bigger beads add a noticeable presence and enhance the visual impact of the mala.
    • Find comfort in larger beads: Some individuals enjoy the heavier feel and tactile sensation of larger beads during prayers, meditation, or simply wearing it around their neck.
    • Have bigger necks or a broader frame: Larger beads can look more proportional on individuals with a larger physical stature.

How to wear an 18mm Sphatik Kantha:

    • Consider the weight: Larger beads naturally weigh more, so ensure the mala feels comfortable around your neck for extended wear.
    • Adjust the length: Choose a length that allows the mala to rest gracefully, ideally reaching the Anahata chakra (Heart chakra) or slightly lower. Longer options can be wrapped twice around the neck.
    • Mindful practice: Maintain a clear and peaceful mindset while wearing the mala. Avoid wearing it during activities that may damage the beads or clash with its spiritual significance.

Potential benefits of an 18mm Sphatik Kantha:

    • Enhanced grounding and presence: The heavier weight can offer a stronger physical connection and grounding effect.
    • Deeper meditative state: The tactile sensation of larger beads may increase focus and draw you deeper into meditation or prayer.
    • Stronger personal statement: The bolder visual presence can signify a stronger commitment to your spiritual practice or connection to the mala's symbolism.

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