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Saraswati Brass Statue

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Saraswati Brass Statue

Weight - 1.3kg (Apx.)

Height - 5''  (Apx.)

Material - Brass

About: This Statue is carved in  Brass Metal.

Ideal Locations To Keep It:

    • Northeast corner: This direction, associated with knowledge and growth, is considered the most auspicious placement.
    • East direction: Facing east (sun's direction) symbolizes the dawn of knowledge and new beginnings.
    • Study room or workspace: Enhances focus, concentration, and learning in your dedicated area.


    • Enhanced knowledge and wisdom: Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom and learning, believed to sharpen intellect and memory.
    • Improved academic performance: Students and scholars may benefit from increased focus and clarity.
    • Greater creativity and artistic expression: Artists, writers, and musicians may experience a boost in inspiration and skill.
    • Success in various pursuits: Entrepreneurs, professionals, and those seeking growth in any field may experience positive outcomes.

Customer Reviews

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vikas rai
awesome saraswati statue

bought saraswati brass it as exactly shown in website...quick delivery...beautiful idol....i am very happy now..initially i was in dilemma wether to order from them or not..full points toyou

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