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Rose Quartz Bracelet

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Colour: Rose Pink

Beads Size: 8 mm apx.

String Used: Elastic

Stone: Natural Rose Quartz.

Certification: The Product will come with the HRG Lab Certification of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.


Who can wear it?

Anyone can wear a Natural Rose Quartz Stone Bracelet! There are no specific restrictions based on age, gender, religion, or background. Some individuals who might particularly resonate with it include:

    • Individuals seeking love and self-love: Rose Quartz is traditionally associated with all forms of love, including romantic, platonic, and self-love. Wearing the bracelet might attract positive relationships and cultivate deeper self-compassion.
    • People aiming for emotional healing and peace: The stone's gentle energy is believed to soothe emotional wounds, reduce stress, and promote inner peace.
    • Those wishing for enhanced creativity and empathy: Rose Quartz's energy is believed to stimulate creativity, foster understanding, and strengthen empathy.
    • Anyone facing challenges and seeking protection: The stone's protective qualities are believed to shield against negativity, emotional imbalances, and anxieties.

How to wear it:

    • Wrist: Traditionally worn on the left wrist, considered the "receiving" hand, for absorbing the bracelet's positive energies. However, wear it on whichever wrist feels most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Touch your skin: Ideally, the Rose Quartz beads should touch your skin for optimal benefit.
    • Intention: Wear the bracelet with a positive mindset, focusing on the qualities you wish to cultivate, such as love, peace, creativity, or protection.
    • Cleansing and energizing: Regularly cleanse your bracelet with sunlight, moonlight, or sage smudging to maintain its energetic properties.


    • Attracting and nurturing love: Wearing the bracelet may create a more open and receptive energy for attracting positive relationships and fostering love in your life, including self-love.
    • Emotional healing and stress reduction: The stone's calming energy might soothe emotional wounds, reduce anxieties, and promote inner peace.
    • Increased creativity and empathy: Rose Quartz's energy could stimulate your creative spark, enhance artistic expression, and strengthen your ability to connect with others on an emotional level.
    • Strengthened resilience and protection: The protective qualities of Rose Quartz might shield you from negativity, emotional imbalances, and anxieties, offering a sense of security.
  • Spiritual growth and connection to the heart chakra: Some traditions associate Rose Quartz with the heart chakra, wearing it might support spiritual growth and connection to these energies.

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