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Parad Lakshmi Ganesh

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Small Size Details :-                        Big Size Details:-

Height: 1.3 inches (Apx.)                Height: 2. inches  (Apx.) 

Weight: 90 Gms  (Apx.)                  Weight: 200 Gms  (Apx.)   

Note:- Himalaya Rudraksha Anusandhan Kendra Provides the Best Quality Mercury Idols & Figurines.

About: Parad Lakshmi Ganesh is worshipped at home to eliminate the malefic effects of all negative energies, provide good health and prosperity, and remove obstacles and difficulties from the path to success. By worshipping Parad Lakshmi Ganesh, one receives the blessings of both Lord Ganesha and Maa Lakshmi. This brings success in all aspects of life.


    • Northeast corner: Considered the most auspicious location for attracting wealth, peace, and success.
    • Puja altar: Ideally on a dedicated, clean altar facing east or north.
    • Temple room: If you have one, this is another suitable option.
    • Clean and serene space: If no dedicated space, choose a clean, calm corner you can use for prayer and meditation.


    • Eliminates negativity: Removes malefic effects and purifies the atmosphere.
    • Brings prosperity: Attracts wealth, good health, and overall success.
    • Removes obstacles: Helps overcome challenges and pave the way for progress.
    • Combines blessings: Grants the combined blessings of Ganesha (wisdom, success) and Lakshmi (abundance, prosperity).
    • Enhances intellect: Promotes knowledge, focus, and mental clarity.

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