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Om Carved Black Akik Bracelet

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Colour: Black

Beads Size: 7 mm approx.

String Used: Elastic

Stone: Natural Black Akik.

Certification:- The Product will come with the HRG Lab Certification of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.


Who can wear it:

    • Spiritual Seekers: The Om symbol represents the universe, the sound of creation, and the ultimate reality. Anyone on a spiritual quest, regardless of religious background, might find meaning and inspiration in wearing this bracelet.
    • Individuals Seeking Protection and Grounding: Black Akik is traditionally associated with protective energies, shielding against negativity and harmful influences. It also offers grounding stability, particularly during challenging times.
    • Those Aiming for Enhanced Focus and Clarity: Black Akik can help clear mental clutter and improve concentration, focus, and decision-making abilities. This aligns well with the Om symbol's connection to consciousness and higher knowledge.
    • Balance and Harmony Seekers: Both the Om symbol and Black Akik are associated with balancing different aspects of life. Wearing this bracelet could support balance in physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.

How to wear it:

    • Wrist: Traditionally worn on the left wrist, considered the "receiving" hand for absorbing its grounding and spiritual energies. However, wear it on whichever wrist feels most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Touch your skin: Ideally, the beads and the Om carving should touch your skin for optimal benefit.
    • Intention: Wear the bracelet with a positive mindset, focusing on the qualities you wish to cultivate, such as spiritual connection, protection, clarity, or balance.
    • Chanting or Meditation: Combining wearing the bracelet with chanting the Om mantra or meditation practices can amplify its spiritual benefits.

Potential benefits:

    • Deepened spiritual connection: The Om symbol and Black Akik's energy might support spiritual growth, strengthen your intuition, and open you to new levels of awareness and insight.
    • Strengthened protective shield: The bracelet could create a powerful barrier against negativity, harmful energies, and psychic attacks, promoting a sense of security and grounding.
    • Improved focus and clarity: Black Akik might help you clear mental clutter, enhance concentration, and improve decision-making, leading to increased productivity and clarity.
    • Enhanced balance and harmony: Wearing the bracelet could support balancing different aspects of your life, such as physical and emotional well-being, mental clarity, and spiritual growth.
  • Harmonizing the root and crown chakras: Black Akik connects to the root chakra for grounding, while the Om symbol resonates with the crown chakra for spiritual connection. This combination could foster balance and alignment between these key energy centers.

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