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Natural 1 Mukhi Rudraksha In pure Gold (Nepal Origin- 4.80 Gms)

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Natural 1 Mukhi Rudraksha With Silver

Shape:- Oval / Round Shape

Size:-  18 MM (Apx.) 

Origin:- Nepali

Metal Material:- Pure Gold

Gold Weight: 2.50 Gms (approx.)

The one mukhi helps  Psychologically the confidence, charisma, leadership qualities and prosperity of the person increase as the Sun is pleased with the wearer, also increases the concentration power.

100% Originality Guarantee.

Certification:- Lab Testing Report Certificate will come along with 1 Mukhi Rudraksha.


Who should wear it?

This sacred bead is particularly recommended for individuals seeking:

    • Unwavering Inner Strength and Confidence: Channel the Sun's energy to boost your self-esteem, face challenges with unwavering determination, and radiate confidence.
    • Exceptional Leadership and Success: Enhance your leadership qualities, inspire others, attract opportunities, achieve ambitious goals, and reach new heights of success.
    • Deep Spiritual Progress and Self-awareness: Deepen your connection with the divine, embark on a profound spiritual journey, and gain profound insights through introspection.
    • Breaking Free from Limitations and Fears: Shed negativity, past karmic issues, and limiting beliefs, paving the way for a transformative life.
    • Overall Well-being and Protection: Enhance physical and mental health, cultivate emotional stability, shield yourself from harmful energies, and attract positive vibes.

However, anyone with a sincere and devoted heart can benefit from wearing this sacred bead. Its potent energy transcends specific conditions and resonates with genuine aspirations for a fulfilling and transformative life.

How to wear it:

Two primary methods are recommended:

    • Pendant: String the bead on a gold chain or sacred thread and wear it close to your heart, with the single face touching your skin.

    • Ring: Set the bead in a gold ring and wear it on your middle finger of your dominant hand.

Additional Tips:

    • Purification: Due to its rarity and precious metal setting, perform a thorough purification ritual by soaking the bead in raw milk or holy water for 24 hours, followed by washing it with holy water while chanting mantras.

    • Auspicious Timing: Choose an auspicious day for wearing, like Monday, a Full Moon day, or a festival related to Lord Shiva or the Sun.

    • Mantra Activation: Chant the "Om Namah Shivaya" or "Om Surya Namah" mantra 108 times to activate the bead's energy.

    • Respectful Conduct: Treat the Natural 1 Mukhi Rudraksha in gold with reverence and avoid wearing it during impure activities.


    • Unwavering Inner Strength and Confidence: Tap into the Sun's power, become unwavering in your resolve, and radiate confidence in all aspects of life.

    • Exceptional Leadership and Success: Enhance your leadership qualities, inspire and motivate others, attract opportunities, and achieve ambitious goals with unparalleled success.

    • Deep Spiritual Progress and Self-awareness: Deepen your connection with the divine, embark on a transformative spiritual journey, and gain profound insights into your inner self.

    • Breaking Free from Limitations and Fears: Shed negativity, past karmic issues, and limiting beliefs, paving the way for a life of liberation and growth.

  • Overall Well-being and Protection: Enhance physical and mental health, cultivate emotional stability, shield yourself from harmful energies, and attract positive vibes, leading to a fulfilling life.

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