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Black Rutile Stone Silver Pendant (Pear Shape)

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Stone Weight:- 6.00 Cts Apx.

Shape :- Pear cut

Pendant Weight:- 3.5 Gm Apx.

Certification:- The Product will come with the HRG Lab Certification of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.


Who can wear it?

Black rutile is considered a versatile stone, open to anyone without specific restrictions based on personality or astrological signs. However, it's particularly associated with:

    • Those seeking grounding and protection: Rutile's black sheen is connected to earth energy, offering stability and shielding against negativity.
    • Individuals aiming for personal growth: Black rutile is believed to enhance spiritual enlightenment and self-awareness.
    • Creative minds: The stone's association with inspiration and artistic expression makes it attractive to creative souls.
    • Leaders and business owners: Black rutile is said to attract abundance and support decisiveness, helpful for leadership roles.

Pooja Vidhi for wearing it:

    • Cleanse and Purify: Wash the pendant with water or use incense smoke to remove negativity. Set your intention for wearing it (grounding, protection, etc.).
    • Connect with the Earth: Sit or stand barefoot on soil or grass, feeling the earth's energy. Hold the pendant and visualize grounding energy flowing from the earth, through you, and into the stone.
    • Chant or Meditate: Choose a mantra related to your intention (e.g., "Om Ma Mani Padme Hum" for protection) or simply meditate in silence, focusing on the stone's energy.      
    • Activate the Chakras: Touch the pendant to your forehead (crown chakra), heart (heart chakra), and base of the spine (root chakra) to activate your energy centers.

    Benefits of wearing black rutile:

      • Grounding and protection: Black rutile is believed to anchor excess energy, stabilize emotions, and shield against negativity and harmful influences.
      • Spiritual growth: This stone is associated with spiritual awakening, enhancing intuition, self-awareness, and connection to the higher self.
      • Creativity and inspiration: Black rutile is said to stimulate artistic expression, ignite fresh ideas, and boost problem-solving abilities.
      • Abundance and prosperity: Believed to attract positive energy and opportunities, making it beneficial for career and financial endeavors.
    • Decision-making and leadership: Black rutile is said to promote clear thinking, confidence, and courage, aiding in decision-making and leadership roles.

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