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Karungali Mala in Silver (ebony wood)

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Karungali Mala in Silver (ebony wood)

Shape:- Round

Colour:- Black

Bead Size:- 6.0 mm

Metal Used: pure silver

No. Of Beads: 108+1

Certification:  Karungali Mala in Silver (ebony wood) will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who should wear a Karungali Mala?

The beauty of the Karungali Mala lies in its universal appeal. Its benefits can be experienced by individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender, or spiritual beliefs. Here are some specific groups who might find it particularly beneficial:

    • Those seeking prosperity and abundance: Karungali is associated with wealth, good luck, and success. It is believed to attract opportunities and remove obstacles hindering financial growth.
    • Individuals seeking spiritual growth: The calming and grounding energy of ebony wood aids in meditation, focus, and introspection. It can enhance mindfulness and connection to the divine.
    • People seeking mental and emotional well-being: Karungali Mala is known to alleviate stress, anxiety, and negativity. Its grounding energy promotes peace, stability, and emotional balance.
    • Those facing health challenges: Traditionally, ebony wood has been used for its therapeutic properties. It is believed to boost the immune system, alleviate pain, and promote overall health.

How to wear a Karungali Mala:

There are no strict rules regarding wearing a Karungali Mala. However, some traditional practices can enhance its effectiveness:

    • Number of beads: Traditionally, Karungali Malas have 108 beads, a number considered sacred in Hinduism. 
    • Material: Opt for a mala made from genuine ebony wood for optimal results.
    • Cleaning and consecration: Before wearing your mala for the first time, it is recommended to cleanse it with water and sage smoke. You can also perform a simple puja ritual to infuse it with positive energy.
    • Wearing it: You can wear your Karungali Mala around your neck, wrist, or simply hold it in your hand during meditation or prayer.

Benefits of wearing a Karungali Mala:

    • Attracts prosperity and abundance
    • Promotes mental and emotional well-being
    • Enhances spiritual growth and awareness
    • Removes negativity and protects against evil energies
    • Improves focus and concentration
    • Boosts self-confidence and motivation
    • Provides grounding and stability


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