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Divy 5 Mukhi Black Rudraksha Mala

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Almond Oil Rich Rudraksha Mala - Divy Shakti

Rudraksha Origin:- Indonesian (5 Face)

Beads - 108+1 (109)

Wearing Mala size - 6.00 MM (Apx.)

Jaap/Chanting Mala size - 8.00 MM (Apx.)

Certification: Divy 5 Mukhi Black Rudraksha Mala will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who should wear a Divy 5 Mukhi Black Rudraksha Mala?

This mala is particularly beneficial for those seeking:

    • Strong protection and grounding: The combined energies of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha and black Rudraksha create a powerful shield against negativity, enhancing safety and emotional stability.
    • Spiritual progress and self-awareness: Black Rudraksha's potent energy facilitates deeper meditation, spiritual connection, and introspective journeys.
    • Improved communication and leadership: 5 Mukhi Rudraksha enhances speech, communication skills, and confidence, making it beneficial for students, leaders, and public speakers.
    • Overcoming negative influences: Individuals struggling with negativity, anxieties, or self-doubt can find support and protection through the mala's energies.

How to wear a Divy 5 Mukhi Black Rudraksha Mala:

    • Cleanse and energize: Before wearing, wash the mala with Gangajal (Ganges water) or raw milk. Chanting mantras like "Om Hrim Namah Shiva" 108 times can further energize it.
    • Thread or chain: Traditionally, Rudraksha malas are strung on cotton thread. Silver chains are popular for their aesthetic appeal, but choose what feels comfortable for you.
    • Number of beads: 108 beads (including the main pendant) are considered auspicious. Alternatively, smaller malas with fewer beads offer flexibility.
    • Touch the skin: Ideally, let the beads touch your skin, especially the Anahata chakra (heart center) for 5 Mukhi Rudraksha and the Muladhara chakra (root chakra) for black Rudraksha.
    • Intention: Set your intention for wearing the mala. Focus on what you hope to achieve, whether it's protection, spiritual growth, improved communication, or overcoming negativity.
    • Avoid wearing: During impure activities like bathing, eating meat, or visiting the cemetery, remove the mala.

Benefits of wearing a Divy 5 Mukhi Black Rudraksha Mala:

    • Combined effect: This mala synergistically combines the protective energy of black Rudraksha with the knowledge and communication enhancements of 5 Mukhi Rudraksha, creating a powerful tool for well-being.
    • Strong protection and groundedness: Shields against negativity, harmful influences, and emotional vulnerabilities, fostering a sense of security and stability.
    • Spiritual growth and self-awareness: Facilitates deeper meditation, connection to higher realms, and enhanced self-understanding.
    • Improved communication and leadership: Boosts confidence, clarity, and effectiveness in communication, promoting success in personal and professional spheres.
    • Overcoming negative influences: Helps release fear, negativity, and self-doubt, paving the way for positive transformation and growth.

Customer Reviews

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Rajib Rana


Ram Sagar


Sunny Mehta
This product is so amazing

I love this jaap Mala जब मैने जाप माला हाथ मे लीतो पॉजिटिव vibe आई⭐️


Himalya Rudrax product Natural Rudraksha Mala very good.

Mohan Sonawane

उत्तम काळ्याभोर रूद्राक्षांची माळ आहे.व्यवस्थित बांधणी आहे.त्याबरोबर अस्सल असल्याचे प्रमाणपत्र आहे. छान मंद सुगंध भाषेतून येत आहे. सोबत दोन रूद्राक्षांची वाळलेली फळे पण दिली आहे. मागणी नोंदवल्यावर त्वरित दोनच दिवसांमध्ये माळ भेटली. अतिशय उत्तम सेवा.

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