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Camel Jasper Mala (108 + 1 Beads)

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Natural Camel Jasper Mala

Shape:- Round Shape

Beads:- 108 + 1 (109 Beads)

Wearing Bead Size: 6.00 MM (Apx.)

Jaap Bead Size:-  8.00 MM (Apx.) 

Certification:  Camel Jasper Mala (108 + 1 Beads) will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who can wear the Camel Jasper Mala?

    • Seekers of abundance and prosperity: Camel Jasper is traditionally associated with attracting wealth, and opportunities, and fulfilling one's desires. Ideal for individuals seeking financial stability, career advancement, or a life aligned with abundance.
    • Those yearning for personal grounding and stability: The mala is believed to anchor oneself, strengthen resolve, and promote emotional and mental stability. This can benefit individuals navigating turbulent times, seeking focus, or desiring inner balance.
    • Individuals working on overcoming negativity and negativity: Camel Jasper is associated with dispelling negativity, attracting positive energies, and promoting optimism. This can benefit individuals facing challenges, seeking positive shifts in life, or desiring to cultivate a positive outlook.
    • Creative souls searching for inspiration and vitality: The mala is linked to stimulating creativity, boosting energy levels, and fostering positive expression. This can benefit artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and anyone seeking to tap into their creative potential and live life with vibrancy.
    • Spiritual practitioners on a path of personal growth and transformation: Camel Jasper is associated with promoting courage, facing challenges with resilience, and aligning one's life with a higher purpose. This can benefit individuals on a spiritual journey seeking personal expansion, inner strength, and living a life of purpose.

How to wear your Camel Jasper Mala with respect:

    • Cleanse and energize: Before wearing for the first time, gently cleanse the mala with sunlight, moonlight, or sage smoke. Chanting mantras like "Om Gam Ganapataye Namah" or "Om Shrim Namah" can activate its energies.
    • Number of beads: Traditionally, 108 beads are considered auspicious, but choose a number that feels comfortable and resonates with you.
    • Respectful practices: Wear the mala with a clear and positive mind. Avoid wearing it during impure activities or while experiencing strong negative emotions. Treat it with care and respect, as it holds personal and spiritual significance.
    • Intentional touch: Let the beads touch your skin, particularly the Anahata chakra (Heart chakra) for fostering self-love and compassion, the Manipura chakra (Solar Plexus chakra) for boosting confidence and personal power, and the Sahasrara chakra (Crown chakra) for connecting to divine guidance and higher consciousness.
    • Set your intention: Focus on the specific benefit you seek from the mala. Do you desire abundance, stability, positive transformation, creative inspiration, or spiritual growth? Setting a clear intention amplifies the mala's potential.

Potential benefits of the Camel Jasper Mala:

    • May attract wealth, and opportunities, and fulfill desires.
    • May promote grounding, stability, and emotional balance.
    • May dispel negativity, attract positive energies, and cultivate optimism.
    • May stimulate creativity, boost energy levels, and foster positive expression.
  • May support personal growth, enhance resilience, and connect one to a higher purpose.


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