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1 Mukhi Natural Java Rudraksha

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Natural 1 Mukhi Java Rudraksha

Shape:- Oval

Size:- 5.00 MM (Apx.) 

Weight:- 0.30 Gms (Apx.)

Origin:-  Indonesian Java

Metal Material:- Pure Silver

Certification: One Face Rudraksha will come with its Lab Certified Report Of Authenticity.


The one Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva himself. One Mukhi Rudraksha washes away the sins as serious as ‘Brahma hatya’ (killing of Brahmin). It enhances knowledge about the Supreme (Brahma Gyan) and the wearer is known to win over his senses. He then engages himself in Para-Tatva (Shiva Tatva). It is also known to give external bliss and nirvana (moksha) after death. At whichever place this Rudraksha is worshiped, Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) bestows her presence. It is the most auspicious Rudraksha among all beads and not only does it bring the wearer or worshiper closer to Shiva (spirituality and kindness) but also fulfills all his or her desires in the material world. The wearer also gains powers of concentration and enjoys inner peace.

Beeja Mantra: “Om Hrim Namah”

Who Should Wear 1 Mukhi: 

The one Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn by Individuals who want to seek their true selves through meditation and are looking for spiritual enlightenment as the one mukhi helps one concentrate, meditate, and remain untouched by the worldly “Maya” meaning distractions. The One Mukhi is generally worshipped in a pooja place for the family to receive Shiva’s blessings. One Mukhi Rudraksha is also the only Rudraksha that is worn for attaining Moksha.


  • The benefit of one mukhi Rudraksha is that the wearer of one mukhi Rudraksha is granted Moksha (Nirvana).
  • The one Mukhi Rudraksha also purifies one from all sins. It is stated that the person wearing one mukhi Rudraksha washes away the sins of Bramha Hatya.
  • The One Mukhi Rudraksha is the must-have tool for people wanting to develop their meditation power as it increases concentration power and makes one focused on realizing the ultimate truth or Brahma Gyan.
  • The wearer of One Mukhi Rudraksha is also blessed by Adi Laxmi, the divine wealth that supports a seeker in their search for the ultimate Truth.

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