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Meru Shreeyantra

himalaya rudraksh anusandhan kendra

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Material:- Brass

Size:- 3X3 , Weight :- 450 Gm

Size:- 4x4 , Weight :- 800 Gm

Full Solid Meru Shree Yantra, Not Hollow


Goddess Mahalakshmi appear first on this earth, Mythology says that she appeared at Shree Mahameru Yantra. Those who install this Chakra at their home, Mahalakshmi will never leave that house. In other words, the house will become a permanent abode of Lakshmi. It is believed that no other form of Shree Yantra can be better than this.


    • Northeast corner: This auspicious location aligns with Vastu principles, attracting positive energy and blessings for overall well-being and prosperity.
    • Puja altar or sacred space: Enhance your spiritual practices by keeping it near your dedicated space for prayers and meditation.
    • Living room or entrance: Invite positive energy and blessings into your home by placing it in these common areas.
    • Workspace or office: Attract success and abundance in your professional endeavors.


    • Cleanse: Begin by purifying the Yantra with water or smoke cleansing (e.g., incense).
    • Charge: Place it under sunlight or moonlight for some time, infusing it with positive energy.
    • Offerings: Some traditions suggest offering flowers, fruits, or mantras to further energize the Yantra.


    • Attracts wealth and good luck like Goddess Lakshmi, drawing positive energy to your home or workspace.
    • Shields against negativity and harmful energies, promoting a harmonious and peaceful environment.
    • Deepens meditation and strengthens the connection to higher realms, enhancing your spiritual journey.
  • Amplifies success potential in work and personal endeavors, encouraging abundance and positive outcomes.

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