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Parad Shivling (Mercury Shivling)

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Material Used- Para (mercury)

Available in 5 Sizes:

1. Small:- 1 inches & 60 gm (apx.)

2. Medium:- 1.2 inches & 130 gm (apx.)

3. Large :- 1.8 inches & 200 gm (apx)

4. Extra Large:- 2.2 inches &  470 gm (apx)

5. XXL :- 2.5 inches &  680 gm (apx)

ABOUT: The 'Ling' made of Mercury is called 'Rasling', 'Ras' means Mercury. There are many liquids found in nature. Mercury is an extraordinary liquid. Mercury is a true ideal of God Shiva. 
The 'Phal' (blessing) that we get from the 'Pooja' of 'Rasling' is a thousand times more than what we get from other Shivling. It is believed that even the worst of sin can be washed with Rasling worship. Not only this, we may attain 'Moksha' by the prayer of Rasling

Auspicious Zones to Place it:

    • Northeast corner: Considered the most auspicious zone in Vastu, attracting positive energy and promoting growth. Placing the Shivling here enhances its blessings.
    • Puja altar: Dedicate a specific space for worship and offerings, fostering a sacred atmosphere for connecting with the Shivling's energy.

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