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Natural Sphatik Shivlingam - himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

Natural Sphatik Shivlingam

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Natural Sphatik Shivlingam

Weight - 20.35 Gms

Height - 1.2''

Material - Original Quartz Stone

ABOUT: This Sphatik Shivling, representing Lord Shiva, is made from clear quartz crystal.

Benefits :

    • Purity and Harmony: Sphatik, considered pure and sacred, cleanses negativity and promotes harmonious energy flow.
    • Concentration and Calmness: The crystal's clarity aids focus and meditation, fostering inner peace and clarity.
    • Spiritual Growth: Worshipping Lord Shiva through the Sphatik Shivling is believed to promote spiritual progress and connection.


    • Puja Room: Establish a dedicated space for worship, cleansing, and offerings.
    • Northeast Corner: Considered the most auspicious zone in Vastu, enhancing positive energy and promoting growth.

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