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Moonstone Mala In Silver

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Natural Moon Stone Mala In Silver

Bead Size: 6.00 mm

No. Of Beads: 54+1

Metal Used: Pure silver

Certification: Natural Moonstone Mala in silver will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who can wear the moonstone mala?

This mala resonates with souls seeking:

    • Emotional balance and inner peace: Moonstone, linked to the moon's calming energy, helps soothe stress, anxiety, and emotional fluctuations. Ideal for individuals seeking tranquility, stability, and inner peace.
    • Enhanced intuition and psychic abilities: The mala is believed to unlock your intuitive potential, sharpen your inner wisdom, and enhance your receptivity to subtle energies. Beneficial for individuals on a spiritual journey seeking guidance and deeper connection.
    • Balance and harmony in relationships: Moonstone's energy is believed to foster empathy, understanding, and nurturing qualities. The mala can promote harmony in existing relationships and attract fulfilling connections.
    • Creativity and artistic expression: The mala's gentle energy can stimulate creativity, inspire emotional depth in artwork, and enhance artistic expression. Beneficial for artists, writers, and individuals seeking to tap into their artistic potential.
    • Increased fertility and hormonal balance: Traditionally, moonstone is associated with female reproductive energy and is believed to balance hormones and promote reproductive health. This can be beneficial for women seeking hormonal well-being or desiring conception.

Puja Vidhi for Wearing a Moonstone Mala:

Before wearing your mala, it's common to perform a cleansing and energizing ritual. Here's a general guide:

    1. Cleanse the mala: Rinse it under running water or use smoke cleansing with sage or incense.
    2. Energize the mala: Place it in sunlight or moonlight for several hours, depending on your intention.
    3. Set your intention: Hold the mala and silently express your wishes or goals for wearing it.
    4. Chant a mantra: Optionally, chant a mantra associated with the moon or your desired intention.
    5. Wear the mala: Place it around your neck or wrist with respect and gratitude.

    Potential benefits of the moonstone mala:

      • May promote emotional balance and inner peace.
      • May enhance intuition and psychic abilities.
      • May foster harmony and nurturing in relationships.
      • May stimulate creativity and artistic expression.


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