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Black Turtle (carved on natural shaligram)

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Stone:- Natural Shaligram Stone

Weight:- 60 Gms apx. , Length:- 3'' , Width:- 2''

Certification: This product will come with HRG Lab Certificate Report Of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.


    • Shaligrams: These ammonite fossils are considered sacred representations of Lord Vishnu, embodying his divine energy and blessings. Black Shaligrams, rarer and believed to be even more potent, are associated with protection, removal of negativity, and attracting prosperity.
    • Turtle: This animal symbolizes longevity, stability, wisdom, and determination. It's also linked with water, representing purification and abundance.


    • Puja altar: Place it on your dedicated worship space to offer daily prayers and connect with its divine energy.
    • Entrance: Position it near your home's entrance to welcome positive energy and ward off negativity.
    • Specific areas: Depending on your intention, place it in specific areas:
        • Northeast corner: For overall well-being and spiritual growth.
        • North Corner: For career success and stability.
        • Southwest Corner: For strengthening relationships and love life.
    • Carry it: Keep it in your pocket or bag for personal protection and attracting positive blessings throughout the day.


    • Spiritual growth: Enhances your connection with Vishnu's divine blessings, promoting spiritual progress and well-being.
    • Protection: Shields you from negative energies and harmful influences.
    • Prosperity: Attracts abundance and success in your endeavors.
    • Stability and grounding: Enhances stability in life, and promotes determination and perseverance.


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