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Black Jade Turtle

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Stone:- Natural Black Jade

Weight:- 90 Gms apx.  , Length:- 3'' , Width:- 2''

Certification: This product will come with HRG Lab Certificate Report Of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.


Black Jade: Often linked to protection, grounding, and absorbing negativity. In Chinese culture, it's associated with wealth and prosperity.
Turtle: Symbolizes longevity, wisdom, stability, and resilience. Turtle's connection to water represents purification and abundance.


  • Home:
      • Entrance: Welcome positive energy and ward off negativity.
      • Northeast corner: Enhance overall well-being and spiritual growth.
      • North Corner: Support career success and stability.
    • Southwest Corner: Strengthen relationships and love life.

Potential Benefits:

    • Protection: Believed to shield against negative energies and harmful influences.
    • Prosperity and abundance: May attract good fortune and success in endeavors.
    • Longevity and health: Associated with a long and healthy life.
    • Stability and grounding: Promotes resilience and helps navigate challenges with wisdom.
    • Enhanced intuition and clarity: May support clear thinking and decision-making.


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