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Tulsi Mala with Silver capping - White

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Tulsi Mala with Silver capping - White

Bead Size: 4 mm

Metal Material: Pure Silver

Beads Colour: White

No of Beads: 54+1

Certification:  Tulsi Mala with Silver capping - White will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who can benefit from wearing a Tulsi Mala with Silver Capping (White)?

This mala resonates with individuals seeking:

    • Spiritual growth and devotion: Tulsi is revered as a sacred plant associated with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. The mala is believed to deepen your connection to the divine, enhance your spiritual practice, and foster devotion. Ideal for individuals on a spiritual journey seeking guidance and growth.
    • Inner peace and emotional well-being: The calming energy of Tulsi and the purity of silver combine to create a serene aura. The mala is believed to reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, promoting inner peace and emotional well-being. Beneficial for individuals seeking calmness and managing emotional fluctuations.
    • Enhanced focus and concentration: The mala's calming presence can quiet the mind and help you focus better. This can be beneficial for students, professionals, or anyone seeking to improve their concentration and productivity.
    • Physical and mental well-being: Tulsi possesses various medicinal properties and is believed to promote overall health and well-being. The mala's contact with the skin may offer some of these benefits, potentially aiding in digestion, boosting immunity, and reducing headaches.
    • Positive energy and protection: The mala is believed to create a protective shield around the wearer, deflecting negativity and attracting positive energy. This can be beneficial for individuals seeking a sense of security and protection from harmful influences.

How to wear a Tulsi Mala with Silver Capping (White):

    • Cleanse and energize: Before wearing for the first time, gently wash the mala with Gangajal (Ganges water) or raw milk. Chanting mantras like "Om Vishnu Namah" or "Om Tulasi Namah" 108 times can activate its energies.
    • Number of beads: Traditionally, 108 beads are considered auspicious, representing the 108 earthly desires you need to overcome for spiritual liberation. However, you can choose a mala with a comfortable number of beads that resonates with you.
    • Respectful practices: Wear the mala with a clean and positive mind. Avoid wearing it during impure activities like bathing, eating meat, or visiting the cemetery. Treat it with respect and care, as it holds a sacred significance.
    • Touch with intention: Ideally, let the beads touch your skin, particularly the Anahata chakra (Heart chakra) for fostering devotion and emotional well-being, the Ajna chakra (Third Eye) for enhanced focus and intuition, and the Vishuddha chakra (Throat chakra) for clear communication and self-expression.
    • Set your intention: Focus on the specific benefit you seek from wearing the mala. Do you desire spiritual growth, inner peace, improved focus, or a sense of protection? Setting a clear intention amplifies the mala's potential.

Benefits of wearing a Tulsi Mala with Silver Capping (White):

    • May deepen spiritual connection and devotion.
    • May promote inner peace and emotional well-being.
    • May enhance focus and concentration.
    • May offer potential physical and mental health benefits.
  • May create a protective shield and attract positive energy.


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