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Divy Icchapurti Kachua (turtle)

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Weight:135 grams

Size: Standard


Turtle is said to be the representative of Lord Vishnu, This seep and Brass Kachua truly has the magical powers of Turning wishes true on Reasonable Ground.

Placement & Maintenance:

  • Traditionally, north or east are considered auspicious directions for placing the turtle. Choose a clean, clutter-free spot where it can be respected.
  • Keep it near your workspace or personal altar for its benefits.
  • Write your wishes on small pieces of paper and keep them inside the turtle's shell.

Consecration process:

    • Use a soft cloth dampened with water to gently remove dust and dirt.
    • Use incense smoke (like sage or sandalwood) to remove negativity and energize the turtle 

How does it help?

    • Positivity powerhouse: Enhances positive energy at home or work, chasing away negativity from all directions.
    • Inner peace promoter: The calming energy of the turtle can bring a sense of serenity and well-being.
    • Symbol of good luck: Associated with Lord Vishnu, the turtle is considered a lucky charm for many.

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