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Sphatik Kantha - 20-22 mm (plane cut)

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Sphatik Kantha - 20-22 mm (plane cut)

No. Of Beads: 32+1

Total Weight: 421 gm (approx.)

Round Kantha Length: 13 inches (approx.) 

Beads Size: 20-22 mm (approx.)

Shape: Plane Cut

Certification:  Sphatik Kantha - 20-22 mm (plane cut) will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


 Who can find their light amplified by the 20-22mm Sphatik Kantha?

    • Seekers of balance and harmony: These beads strike a pleasing middle ground between large and small, appealing to individuals seeking balance in their spiritual and physical lives.
    • Those wanting a comfortable statement piece: This size range offers a noticeable presence without feeling overwhelming, ideal for individuals who appreciate subtle yet meaningful self-expression.
    • Individuals desiring both focus and grounding: The larger beads enhance tactile focus during meditation while still providing a gentle grounding effect due to their weight.
    • People with various frame sizes: This range can be comfortable and visually appealing on individuals with diverse build and features.
    • Spiritual practitioners open to diverse energies: The 20-22mm size is believed to be receptive to a wider range of energies associated with Sphatik, allowing for various intentions and practices.

How to wear your 20-22mm Sphatik Kantha with respect:

    • Prioritize comfort: Choose a length that allows the mala to rest comfortably around your neck. You can try different lengths to see what feels best.
    • Adjust the length as needed: This size range may offer more flexibility in adjusting the length for optimal comfort and personal preference.
    • Mindful handling: Treat the mala with care due to its value and spiritual significance. Avoid wearing it during activities that could damage the beads or clash with its purpose.
    • Intentionality is key: Set a clear intention for wearing the mala, whether it's seeking calmness, clarity, spiritual growth, or a combination of these qualities. Approach it with a positive and open mind.

Potential benefits of a 20-22mm Sphatik Kantha:

    • Enhanced meditative absorption: The larger beads can promote focus and deepen your meditation or prayer practices.
    • Gentle grounding and anchoring: The weight of the mala can provide a calming and stabilizing effect, beneficial for individuals seeking inner peace and emotional balance.
    • Promotes clarity and mental focus: Sphatik is associated with mental clarity and focus, which can be amplified by the larger beads, especially during meditation or prayer.
    • Bolder yet subtle self-expression: This size range offers a noticeable presence without being overpowering, allowing individuals to express their spiritual connection in a personal way.
  • Receptive to diverse intentions: The 20-22mm size is believed to be open to a wider range of energies and intentions, making it versatile for various spiritual practices and goals.

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