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Serpentine Stone Ganesha

himalaya rudraksh anusandhan kendra

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Stone:- Natural Yellow Agate

Weight:- 1.5 Kg

Height:- 6''

Width:- 3.5'' (apx.)

About: Exclusive Carving of Ganesha on Natural Serpentine Stone with Meenakari Golden work. 

Serpentine Stone is also known as "zeher-mora", which was anciently used for evacuating venom from human bodies bitten by snakes or scorpions.


Generally auspicious locations:

    • Northeast corner: Attracts success, growth, and overcomes obstacles.
    • North: Enhances knowledge, wisdom, and academic pursuits.
    • West: Promotes relationships, communication, and creativity.
    • Living room: Spreads positive energy and blessings for the family.
    • Study/workspace: Encourages focus, perseverance, and overcoming challenges.


Combined benefits of Ganesha and Serpentine:

    • Overcoming obstacles and success: Ganesha's blessings, combined with Serpentine's association with transformation and overcoming challenges, can empower you to achieve your goals.
    • Enhanced wisdom and knowledge: Serpentine's link to mental clarity and focus can support Ganesha's role in promoting wisdom and learning.
    • Improved communication and relationships: Serpentine's calming and grounding properties can enhance communication and relationships, aligning with Ganesha's blessings.
    • Healing and growth: Serpentine is known for its healing properties, while Ganesha represents new beginnings and positive change. Together, they can promote personal growth and healing.


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