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Rose Quartz Turtle

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Stone:- Natural Quartz

Weight:- 63 Gms apx.  , Length:- 3''  , Width:- 2''

Certification: This product comes with HRG Lab Certificate Report Of Authenticity by GII, Gemologist.

ABOUT: The rose quartz turtle combines the loving energy of rose quartz with the wisdom and stability of the turtle symbol.


      • Bedroom: Placed on your nightstand or near your bed, it can attract and strengthen relationships, promote peaceful sleep, and encourage self-love.
      • Living Room: Placed in a common area, it can create a harmonious and loving atmosphere for everyone in the household.
      • Specific Areas: Based on your desires, choose different zones:
          • Southwest Corner: For strengthening existing relationships and attracting new love.
          • Northeast corner: For overall well-being and spiritual growth.
          • Workplace: To promote positive interactions and harmonious work relationships.

    Potential Benefits:

      • Enhancing Self-Love and Compassion: Rose quartz's gentle energy fosters self-acceptance and appreciation, while the turtle encourages resilience and patience in your journey toward self-love.
      • Strengthened Relationships: Rose quartz opens the heart to love and understanding, while the turtle symbolizes commitment and stability, promoting stronger connections with others.
      • Dissolving Negativity: Both rose quartz and the turtle are believed to remove negativity and promote emotional healing, paving the way for joy and peace.


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