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Navratna Mala

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Navartna Mala

No. of Stones: 9 Precious & Semi- Semi Precious stones strung in Metal Wire.

Certification:  Navratna Mala will come with its HRG lab testing authentication report by GII Gemologist.


Who should wear a Navratna Mala?

This mala resonates with individuals seeking:

    • Balancing planetary influences: Each gemstone is associated with a specific planet, and the mala harmonizes their energies, helping overcome astrological imbalances or negative planetary influences. Ideal for those seeking to improve their fortune, health, and overall well-being.
    • Enhanced vitality and well-being: The combined energies of the nine gems are believed to promote physical and mental well-being, boost energy levels, and offer protection from negativity. Beneficial for those seeking overall health and resilience.
    • Spiritual growth and development: Each gemstone also holds specific spiritual and mystical properties. Wearing the mala can enhance meditation, deepen spiritual connection, and facilitate personal growth.

How to wear a Navratna Mala:

    • Cleanse and energize: Before wearing it for the first time, wash the mala with Gangajal (Ganges water) or raw milk. Chanting mantras associated with each gemstone or "Om Namah Shivaya" 108 times can further energize it.
    • Number of beads: Traditionally, Navratna malas have 108 beads, including the main pendant bead containing all nine gemstones. Choose a size that feels comfortable and resonates with you.
    • Gemstone order: Ensure the gemstones are arranged in the correct order based on the corresponding planets (Ruby for Sun, Pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter, Diamond for Venus, Hessonite for Rahu, Blue Sapphire for Saturn, Cat's Eye for Ketu).
    • Touch the skin: Ideally, let the beads touch your skin, especially the specific chakra associated with each gemstone's energies. Consult a guide for detailed chakra-gemstone correlations.
    • Intention: Set your intention for wearing the mala. Focus on what you hope to achieve, whether it's balancing planetary influences, improving well-being, enhancing spirituality, or attracting specific benefits based on the gemstones.
    • Avoid wearing: During impure activities like bathing, eating meat, or visiting the cemetery, remove the mala.

Benefits of wearing a Navratna Mala:

    • Balances planetary influences: By harmonizing the energies of the nine planets, the mala is believed to improve fortune, health, and overall well-being, mitigating negative astrological effects.
    • Promotes physical and mental well-being: The combined energies of the gems are believed to boost energy levels, enhance immunity, improve emotional balance, and offer protection from negativity.
    • Facilitates spiritual growth: The mala can deepen your connection to higher energies, support meditation practices, and enhance spiritual development.
    • Offers specific benefits based on individual needs: Each gemstone brings its unique properties, such as Ruby for courage, Pearl for calmness, Emerald for wisdom, etc. Choosing the right Navratna combination can attract specific benefits for your personal needs.

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