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Black Tourmaline Silver Pendant

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Natural Black Tourmaline Pendant Made in 92.5 Silver (Export Quality)

Stone Weight:- 9.0 Cts Apx.

Pendant Weight:- 4.5 Gm Apx.

Colour: Greyish Black

Certification: It'll Comes along with Testing Report of its Authenticity from HRG labs by GII, Gemologist.


A Black Tourmaline Silver Pendant is a piece of jewelry that combines the beauty of silver with the believed metaphysical properties of black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is a black opaque gemstone that is believed to have protective properties. It is often worn by people who want to shield themselves from negative energy.

Who can wear a Black Tourmaline Silver Pendant?

Anyone can wear a black tourmaline silver pendant. It is believed to be a particularly good choice for people who are sensitive to negative energy, such as those who work in high-stress environments or who are frequently around negative people. It is also believed to be beneficial for people who are going through difficult times in their lives, such as a divorce or job loss.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline Silver Pendant

  • Protection from negative energy: Black tourmaline is believed to be a powerful shield against negative energy. It is said to help to deflect negative thoughts, emotions, and people from your life.
  • Grounding: Black tourmaline is also believed to be a grounding stone. This means that it can help to connect you to your root chakra, which is the chakra that is associated with stability and security.
  • Increased focus and concentration: Black tourmaline is believed to help to improve focus and concentration. This can be beneficial for students, athletes, and anyone who needs to be mentally sharp.
  • Pain relief: Black tourmaline is also believed to be helpful for pain relief. It is said to be especially effective for headaches and muscle pain.

Puja Vidhi of wearing a Black Tourmaline Silver Pendant

There is no specific puja required for wearing a black tourmaline silver pendant. However, some people like to cleanse and charge their crystals before wearing them. To cleanse your pendant, you can hold it under running water for a few minutes. You can then charge it by placing it in direct sunlight for a few hours.

Here are some additional tips for wearing your black tourmaline silver pendant:

  • Wear it close to your body. This will help to maximize its benefits.
  • Cleanse it regularly. You can cleanse it by following the steps above, or by smudging it with sage.
  • Set your intention. When you first put on your pendant, take a few moments to set your intention for what you want it to help you with.

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