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Natural Gaurishankar Rudraksha (Nepal Origin - Super Collector Size)

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Natural Gaurishankar Rudraksha (Super Collector - Antique piece)

Shape:- Round Shape

Size:- 39.00 MM (Apx.) 

Weight:- 7.00 Gms (Apx.)

Origin:- Nepali

Metal Material:- Pure Silver

100% Originality Guarantee.

Certification:- The Lab Testing Report Certificate will come along with Gauri Shankar Rudraksha.


Who should wear it?

    • Spiritual Seekers: For those on a profound spiritual journey, the Super Collector Gaurishankar acts as a compass, guiding you towards a deeper connection with the divine.
    • Relationship Harmonizers: Couples seeking harmony, understanding, and unwavering love find solace in Gaurishankar's unifying energy.
    • Prosperity Magnets: Those aiming for abundant success in all aspects of life can harness Gaurishankar's power to attract opportunities and blessings.
    • Inner Peace Warriors: If emotional turmoil and negativity cloud your path, Gaurishankar's calming aura can help you find inner peace and balance.
    • Collectors of the Extraordinary: For those drawn to the mystical and powerful, the Super Collector Gaurishankar is a cherished addition to any collection.

How to wear it:

    • Pendant of Power: String the bead onto a sacred thread and wear it close to your heart, allowing its energy to permeate your being.
    • Mala Masterpiece: Integrate the Gaurishankar as the centerpiece of your 108-bead mala, making your meditation and chanting sessions divinely charged.
    • Altar Adornment: Place the bead on your puja altar, radiating its positive energy throughout your sacred space and inviting blessings.
    • Treasured Talisman: Carry the Gaurishankar with you as a constant reminder of its protective and empowering presence.

Benefits of wearing it:

    • Profound Spiritual Awakening: The Super Collector Gaurishankar can act as a catalyst for profound spiritual growth and connection to higher consciousness.
    • Unwavering Harmony: Experience deeper understanding, love, and unwavering harmony in your relationships, both personal and professional.
    • Abundant Prosperity: Witness doors of opportunity opening, attracting success, financial stability, and good fortune in all aspects of life.
    • Inner Sanctuary: Find refuge from negativity and emotional turmoil, cultivating inner peace, balance, and a sense of well-being.
  • Timeless Connection: Owning an antique Super Collector Gaurishankar connects you to a lineage of spiritual seekers who have cherished its power for generations.

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