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Ganesha Rolling Chair Statue

himalaya rudraksha anusandhan kendra

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Statue Description:

Weight- 1800 gm (Apx.)

Height - 6''  (Apx.)

Material- Brass

About: This Ganesha Statue is carved in Brass Metal and Gives the significance of the LORD Ganesha. Use for worshipping lord Ganesha.


    • Northeast corner: This direction, associated with growth, success, and overcoming obstacles, is generally considered most auspicious.
    • North: Ideal for knowledge, wisdom, and academic pursuits.
    • West: Enhances relationships, communication, and creativity.
    • Living room: Promotes positive energy and blessings for the entire family.
    • Study/workspace: Encourages focus, perseverance, and overcoming challenges in your endeavors.

Potential Benefits:

    • Overcoming obstacles: The rolling chair symbolizes Ganesha's ability to remove obstacles and pave the way for success.
    • Wisdom and knowledge: Ganesha is renowned for his wisdom, and this statue can inspire you to pursue knowledge and learning.
    • Perseverance and resilience: The rolling chair can represent the need to adapt and overcome challenges with determination.

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