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Points to Remember While You Wear Any Rudraksha

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Rudraksha is a divine gift to humankind for a better tomorrow. Here are some steps you must follow while wearing Rudraksha.

  1.  Always keep the Rudraksha beads in a holy place that's free from dust.
  2. Must clean the Rudraksha beads from time to time.
  3. Oil the Rudraksha beads constantly with Bitter oils like mustard oil or Sesame oil.
  4. Must keep Rudraksha in one's residence or Puja Place to receive positive energy move in their house.
  5. You can wear Rudraksha capped in metal as Silver, Gold, Copper, or Punchdhatu. Rudraksha carries electric and magnetic properties, which increase when you wear it with metal.
  6. An individual can wear whatever combination of the Rudraksha beads.
  7. Rudraksha beads are hanged on entrance of the temple, house, and workplace to gain positive power from the Rudraksha all around.
  8. You Must Perform Rudra-Abhishek for your Rudraksha beads. It is the most reliable and most influential way of energizing your Rudraksha.
  9. Always touch your Rudraksha with clean hands.
  10. Always try to wear the Rudraksha with a peaceful mind grateful heart.
  11. Sit at a tidy place with a focused soul, chant the Mantras "108 times, and wear your Rudraksha beads
  12. Never lose your hope from Rudraksha beads.

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